Independent web3 infrastructure.
We offer "Staking as a Service" and node rental.

Juneo is a permissionless protocol, deriving its foundation from the Snowman++ version of the Avalanche DAG consensus.

Artela is an extensible blockchain with parallel execution and interoperable VMs. EVM++

We offer an Evernode host rental service. Evernode is global permission-less, decentralised layer 2 for ultra-flexible, ultra powerful dApps. Runs on the XRPL sidechain Xahau.

You can connect your Evernode host on our main and fallback Xahau node. Xahau is the Smart Contract Sidechain for the XRPL Ecosystem.


We currently do not accept new customers for our Evernode host rental service.

CLV Token

Introducing CLV, our mining token on Xahau network. In addition to receiving rewards in EVR, our Evernode host customers will benefit from mining rewards paid in CLV.With each Evernode host rented, customers will receive both EVR rewards and a share of CLV rewards. To receive CLV, it is essential to set up a trustline in your Xumm/Xaman wallet.

Ticker: CLV
Maximum Supply: 589,000,000
Issuing Chain: Xahau
Issuing Address: rK8rYUs6gFH4QJ9JS814EF9112gKuYZZT


With a fixed supply of 589,000,000 CLV, we aim for a fair distribution across our network. The issuer address has been blackholed.CLV maximum supply will be fixed.

CLV Airdrop

Airdrop: 88,350,000 CLV
Community: 58,900,000 CLV
Clevernode: 41,230,000 CLV
Founders: 41,230,000 CLV
Customer Rewards: 359,290,000 CLV
issuing address:

CLV Mining Rewards

All customers renting one or more Evernode hosts from us will receive CLV in addition to their daily EVR payouts, directly deposited into their wallets.Our customers will earn most of the CLV tokens.

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